Top Wood Flooring Brands in India

Today, there are numerous choices to pick from when it comes to flooring your house. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile are some of the most common choices. If budget is not a constraint, solid wooden flooring is your best choice. It is a natural want, impressive wear resistance and can be sanded and refinished several times. Prefinished floors can all do better than those finished on-site, and there weren’t it comes from the factory not the installer. So it is an amazing choice that not just the last you a lifetime, but also look wonderful all throughout the years. No wonder wood flooring brands in India are seeing an increase in interest from buyers looking for a better alternative than tiles, vinyl on laminate. Here are a few alternatives that you may want to consider.

PergoEngineered Wood Flooring

Pergo is a reputed American brand that was established 35 years ago. It is also credited as being the inventor of laminate flooring. However, the company also has a wide range of very beautifully designed and themed wooden floor products. The brand has widespread presence in America, with about 5000 specialty showrooms that sell Pergo products exclusively. Pergo also has a strong presence in India and there are leading showrooms dealing in wooden flooring products in Gurgaon that sell the brand.

Armstrong and Bruce

Armstrong and Bruce is another global leader in all things flooring. Its products are spread across different categories of materials including wood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, linoleum and natural stone. Armstrong incorporated Bruce in 1998 and the company has been selling product successfully all over the world since then. Presently, Armstrong and Bruce lists 417 different type of high-quality wood flooring products on their website. Exotic species of wood such as pecan, Brazilian Cherry, tigerwood and, Santos Mahogany and cabreuva are also available at Armstrong and Bruce.


This brand deserves special mention because it is the only company that offers over 800 different engineered wood floor options. The company has grown stronger after several brand acquisitions over many years and its choice of products is simply amazing. If you know what you are doing and have a good knowledge on wooden floors in general you need not look at any other brand at all. Mohawk will get you everything you ever wanted to make your home look beautiful.

But the obvious downside of having to choose from so many different options is that if you make a wrong decision you’re stuck for life. In that case, we would advise you to go with Pergo engineered wood flooring products which are known for its quality, durability and worldwide repute.