Why Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors have a beautiful, warm and formal look that is ideal for any kind of rooms. Wooden floorings are also affordable, eco-friendly and the best part is, there is wide range of variety available. It is relatively easy to maintain, and increase the value of a house and are considered as an investment.

The installation cost per square feet is normally lower than it is for tile, stone and other hard surfaces. You can install carpet for less, but you’ll find the carpet requirements replacing many times over before a wooden floor will wear out.

What’s more, wooden floors, unlike other floor types do not accumulate allergy-causing pollutant and dirt. It would be right to say that using and choosing wood is great for the environment. It recyclable as well as sustainable and it can outlive the lifespan of various flooring materials.

In addition to this, a top-quality hardwood floor will come up with lifetime warranty of beauty and service and is referred as an investment that will add significant value to your home either for resale or own enjoyment purpose.

View Of Wooden Flooring From VASTU Point Of You

Indeed, vastu friendly flooring can do wonders to your interior and exterior. From color to slope, texture of material,  vastu flooring is to be advised by the professional vastu consultant that prescribes the use of natural materials such as ceramic tiles, mosaic, clay and marbles. As per imperial Décor, rooms that are in the south and west part of your home is considered to be best for flooring.