1. On which surface Engineered wooden flooring can be done?

When it comes to the surface, it should be interiors, or any other surface, even if it is concrete floor you can have the Engineered Wooden Flooring done.

2. What's the Life of Laminate/Engineeered wooden Flooring ?

It completely depends on the Quality of the Flooring you are buying. However, a top-notch quality of Laminate/Engineeered wooden Flooring  that comes with warranty upto 30 years.

3. What is the best way to Maintain Engineered/ Laminate wooden Flooring?

To maintain your flooring, use dry brooming, or wet Squeezed Mob.

4. Can we install laminate/engineered wooden flooring by ourselves?

Ans. Yes! Installing laminate flooring is a weekend DIY project one can do by yourself or with the help of couple of friends.

5. Are Laminate/Engineeered wooden Flooring water proof?

No, Laminate/Engineeered wooden Flooring is not water proof. For this, you have to get precautions of the Flow of Liquids or water, However, spill of a glass of water will not affect the flooring area if you try to wipe it out as soon as possible.

6. Why Wooden Flooring??

  • It is durable. Your kids can run on it, drive their toy cars on it and you should still be able to have a decent looking floor that you can be proud of.
  • With a wipe of the mop or cloth, your floors can be clean easily and will look as good as new no matter what you drop on it.

7. Why MIKASA Engineered wooden flooring?

  • Real Wood Floors:- Mikasa floors are the symbol of authenticity and made for you to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of real wood without any of its drawbacks.
  • Stability in Any Climatic Condition:- Mikasa Floors made up of 3 layers composed of real hard wood, provides stability to every plank while restricting the expansion of wood.
  • Wide Choice of Flooring Décor:- Truly a synonym of surfaces, and textures, Mikasa’s portfolio offers the wide range of real wood floors alongwith matching accessories.
  • Easy To Install:- Mikasa floors are easy to install, remove and re-install, giving a awesome look to floor that withstand the effects of seasonal change.
  • Warranty of Upto 30 years:- Right from the cut of every corner to the finishing of each plank, Mikasa plank production assures that you are always standing on a pristine veneer that is obviously to the test of time.
  • Widest Distribution network:- The widest range of real wood floors manufactured in India also possess one of the widest distribution network.
  • Keeping it Clean:- With mikasa, maintainece isn’t a big task. A vaccum clearner, mop or a broom are all that you need to keep your surface clean and sheeny.

8. How engineered hardwood floor is different from a laminate floor?

  • Engineered floors are more durable than laminate floor, come up with 30 year warranty.
  • EWFs are considered as a superior to laminate floor in various departments.
  • EWFs have a lower abrasion rate as compared to laminate floors.
  • Laminate floor pattern would repeat every 8-10 planks whereas engineered floor pattern wouldn’t repeat at all.

9. Does the brinell rating apply to engineered hardwood floors?

No. it doesn’t apply to engineered hardwood floors.  The uppermost layer of hardwood veneer will have a Brinell rating that allows you to find a floor that is the perfect hardness for your requirements.

10. After the warranty period gets over, what will happen to the floors?

After the completion of warranty period, it is advisable to have your floors evaluated by a professional to determine whether there is a need of changing, reparing or are in good condition.